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You Can Go Home Again

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“See I am making all things new.”
Revelation 21: 5

I was standing in the kitchen of my former home in Maryland. Only it wasn’t the kitchen anymore, the current owners had turned the space into an eating nook. The old dining room became the kitchen, and I admired the new appliances and cupboards and counter tops. Holly and Joe lovingly described the kitchen and dining room renovation, and how the room switch had opened space for entertaining.

The transformation of the home I lived in for 15 years was amazing to see. My heart and mind were going back to our years in that house, the first home we owned after years of renting apartments. We gave it a lot of loving care, but Holly and Joe had taken it to the next level during the last 22 years. The yard didn’t have many of the trees and shrubs from our time there. Holly and Joe foster dogs that need homes, and the yard was open for playing and running.

It was very gracious of Holly and Joe to let my husband and I see the entire house and yard during our May visit to Maryland. We couldn’t go completely back in time, because very little looked the same.
It was clear from seeing the changes they made that they were taking good care of the place. They thanked us for selling the home to them; they raised two teenagers there and all the foster dogs were very happy. Their transformation was possible because we had taken good care of the house before selling it to them.

Transformation is like this; it happens in a never-ending cycle. We go through changes partly because the change is already at work in us, in ways we come to recognize over time. We realize the seeds for that change or transformation were already planted in us, maybe by another person, maybe by circumstance, maybe by a ritual of our faith. We are changing without even knowing it. The change is made known to us by others and by the Holy Spirit, who is continually at work in and through us. God’s love is always and continually and powerfully transforming us.

These movements of the Spirit are often hidden to us and when they are revealed, it is a gift from God. Our awareness grows as we are in community with others growing alongside of us. The discovery of change and transformation are exciting when they are lived out and shared in community. We grow and change partly because others are growing and changing with us. We can live in constant hope that God is bringing about a new thing even when we don’t know yet what it is.

Let us pray...

Lord, you are working within us in ways we may not be aware of. Open us to your transformative power, so the new thing emerges and is revealed. May this revealing and changing be present in our communities of faith, so we can celebrate together the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit. AMEN


Diane McGeoch

Diane McGeoch

Retired Deacon

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  1. Mary Braudrick

    I love this, Diane. Thank you. You’re a gifted writer. (Im catching up on some reading.)

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