Treasure Valley Prays


Wash, Wipe, Wear
and Ministry of the Month

at Redeemer Lutheran, Boise

On Wednesdays during the Easter season (April 20 – June 1), is posting videos from Treasure Valley Cluster ELCA congregations that feature congregational outreach ministries and partners from the community who support or assist these congregations in their ministries.  
This week’s video features two ministries of Redeemer Lutheran in Boise. MOM – Ministry of the Month and WWW – Wash, Wipe, Wear.

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  1. marerick

    Thank you for this well done production. How can we help support this ministry?

  2. Carol Green. Outreach Chair

    Thank you for your interest in our WWW outreach ministry. If you are comfortable sending me your email address I can provide a more complete response.

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