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TV Cluster Connections – August 2023

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Dear Cluster Members: The position of Dean of a Cluster in our Synod has a lot of responsibilities to it. After Bishop Meggan was elected, Pastor Paul Malek, Pastor Lucas Shurson, Pastor Connie Winter-Eulberg and Bishop Meggan got together to discuss the duties of the Dean. The list is quite long. The duties were divided up into 4 job descriptions that will be handled by 4 pastors in the cluster.
  • Pastor Paul Malek – Paul will organize the cluster meeting with leaders both in congregations and in specialized ministry. He will organize some of these gatherings to include retired pastors.
  • Pastor Lucas Shurson – Lucas will attend Synod Dean meetings in person and on Zoom. He will give information from the Synod to the Cluster.
  • Pastor Connie Winter-Eulberg – Connie will do pastoral care for half of the called pastors.
  • Pastor Gretchen Bingea – Gretchen will offer pastoral care for the other half of the pastors in calls and for the retired pastors.
This is the plan for now. Much appreciation goes to Bishop Meggan Manlove for all of the work that she was Dean of our cluster. Please notice that it now takes four pastors to do the same things that Bishop Meggan did while she was cluster Dean.

August 2023
Table of Contents

  • Installation of Bishop Meggan Manlove
  •  How Do You Love Your Mother (Earth)?
  •  Installation of Pastor Mariah Mills
  •  Messy Church Training
  •  Job Openings
  • Luther Heights Bible Camp Programming
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