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Trinity New Hope Housing

Trinity New Hope Housing

On Wednesdays during the Easter season (April 20 – June 1), will be posting videos from Treasure Valley Cluster ELCA congregations that feature congregational outreach ministries and partners from the community who support or assist these congregations in their ministries.  
This week’s video features Trinity New Hope, a housing ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church, Nampa 

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  1. Penelope Jane Smith

    The property improvements have continued since 2020, and more families have used Trinity New Hope as a safe place to live as they journey toward financial stability. And, of course, the need for affordable housing in the Treasure Valley is even more crucial today. Our TNH families have been good neighbors to the church. New casts in SW Idaho focus on the NIMBY (“not in MY back yard) crowd, but at Trinity Lutheran we are so happy to have them in our backyard.

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