Life of a Community Garden

“Look, I am doing something new, now it emerges; can you not see it?” Isaiah 43:19 (NJB)Fair warning, this is less a devotion and more a story of faith in action. I was asked by Lutherans Restoring Creation to sit on a panel about community gardens so I have been reflecting on the lifespan of Trinity Community Gardens Inc (TCGI). TCGI was founded in the spring of 2008 by three master gardeners (Paulette Blaseg from St. Paul’s Catholic Church and Dale and Sheila…

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A Divine Dance

Today is the feast of the Holy Trinity, a good time to ponder what the Trinity is about and what it means for our everyday faith journeys. It seems to be a tricky aspect of our Christian faith to explain. But, do we even need to figure it out? What can the Trinity teach us?

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