Prioritization, Hustle, and Luck

Author's notes:In addition to the love of growing vegetables, a big part of my call to work in the soil relates to having a sense of purpose, a sense of doing something that is appreciated by others, and increasingly a sense of community. Originally I didn't feel that my gardening was about community. But over the years CSA members have made many comments about how the veggies (and the farmer) are a link to their community and to each other. As I pay…

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A place to Abide

The 2 Corinthians reading from last Sunday has really stayed with me. The passage speaks about our plenty, allowing us to share with those in need and vice versa. One verse in particular has given me extra pause for thought (8:15) : “The one who had much did not have too much and the one who had little did not have too little.” Some translations use the word “gathered” instead of “had” to refer to those gathering enough food to meet their and…

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Finding Unity in the Midst of Division

In mid-October I traveled back to Valparaiso, Indiana for my small in-person Consecration and while I was there I had the opportunity to worship at the Chapel on Valpo’s campus for Sunday morning worship. It was so nice to hear the beautiful pipe organ and though there was no congregational singing they had cantors in the balcony that led the music. There is one piece of music from that worship that has stuck with me since then, I find myself singing it to…

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How Prayer Works

It has been a long six, eight months, hasn’t it? Aren’t you tired of this? Don’t you want your summer back, your life back, your economy back? What are we supposed to do with millions unemployed, and now, maybe millions who can’t pay the rent? Or buy groceries? (see video)

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