What is Holy Week For You?

In the church I grew up in on the West Side of Chicago, a church that worshipped about twelve hundred people on a Sunday in the mid-summer, Palm Sunday marked the ramping up to very busy week. There were twenty-four services beginning at seven in the morning of Palm Sunday and ending at one in the afternoon on Easter with six on that day alone. In my junior high days and through high school, I worked regularly at the church but for me…

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Jesus in the Garden

Expectation Versus Reality: the Passion Story

Sunday will be Palm Sunday/Sunday of the Passion. Growing up, Palm Sunday was one of my favorite Sundays of the year. I loved waving palms, I loved how the children in the story played such an important part, and I loved the celebration. Who can resist a parade? Especially one with all the bright promise of deliverance, peace and prosperity! Then, with the turn of the page, suddenly we are following Jesus through the dark passion of the Last Supper, his betrayal, crucifixion…

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