Who do you say that I am?

I received a text message this week that alerted me to a documentary called “For They Know Not What They Do”. I have not seen the film yet, but it seems to be receiving attention and awards. The film claims to offer “A Powerful Exploration of the Intersection of Religion, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity in America.” (https://www.fortheyknow.org/) It seems to highlight Christian families who are experiencing a family member who holds a different gender identity or sexual orientation than what is “heteronormative”…

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Living in Community is Hard Work

“Peace is not when everyone agrees. It is when we can respect our disagreements and still play in the sandbox together.” Unknown Tweet My neighborhood loves fireworks. The 4th of July fireworks start several days before the 4th, and last until several days after the 4th. The 4th of July in 2020 was especially noisy with fireworks lasting several hours. New Year’s Eve 2020 fireworks started well before midnight and lasted until 2 am. When we walked through our neighborhood on New Year’s…

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Father’s Day Relationships

Today is the third Sunday in June which means it’s Father’s Day. Now, just like Mother’s Day is for some people, not everyone gets excited to celebrate Father’s Day. It can be a painful day if you grew up without a father, or if your father was distant or abusive. It can also be painful for some men who wanted to be a father but never were able to for a variety of reasons.

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