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A funeral home worker plays the violin as a deacon holds an umbrella before the cremation of a coronavirus victim at a cemetery in Bogota, Colombia.

Simon Helps Jesus Carry the Cross

Station Five - A funeral home worker plays the violin in mourning And never stops - at all Emily Dickinson Holy God, You came into the world in the vulnerability of a human body. You know us in the womb and you know us at our end. We give thanks for the clergy, deacons, lay ministers, and church musicians who bring solace and comfort to families mourning in this time of pandemic. In Jesus's name, we pray. Amen.How have you mourned the lives…

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The Practices that Sustain Us

I am mourning the loss of two family members in recent weeks.  My mother Mary died following a stroke in Tucson, Arizona on May 29th.  My brother-in-law Geoffrey died following a massive heart attack in Meridian, Idaho on June 3rd.  My husband Glenn and I have been through every emotion since these events and there have been and will continue to be difficult days.  There have been moments of pure love and grace during this time.  I’ve been trying to identify what practices…

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Freedom Blues

“Freedom’s just another word fornothin’ left to looseNothin’ don’t mean nothin’ if itain’t free, no, noAnd feelin’ good was easy, LordWhen he sang the bluesYou know, feelin’ good was goodenough for meGood enough for me and Bobby McGee!”The lyrics above are from one of the greatest songs written, this is verse three of “Me and Bobby McGee.” If you know it then you most likely know that it was written by Kris Kristofferson. It has been performed by so many artists, the most…

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