A Place of Joy and Peace

At Luther Heights Bible Camp this season we ended our fall retreat season a bit early. On Labor Day we were asked to evacuate camp due to the Jakes Gulch fire. Thankfully, our guests were all off site when we received the phone call from the forest service and staff were heading out as well. I, much like many others, feel a sense of joy, renewal, and peace with Christ with moments experienced on the holy ground at Luther Heights in the exquisite…

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Grasshoppers and Labyrinths

One Leap at a Time... It isn’t unprecedented that God uses the grasshopper to teach a lesson, right? (Think plague in Egypt!) I was on retreat recently, in the desert near Mesa, Idaho and it appeared to be grasshopper season. I appreciate that grasshoppers are creatures of God, but I can’t figure out why God made so many. A few would have been fine. But, on this retreat, there were hordes of grasshoppers—almost a plague.

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Lost or Found

Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral If we took a moment to reflect on our lives, I am sure many of us could locate at least one moment that we found ourselves lost and confused about our future, the decisions we need to make, or simply uncertain about what is next. We are used to thinking about these moments individually, focused on how God is speaking to us, personally, guiding and directing us through it. It is no wonder that at this moment in time…

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