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A woman hold a photo of a healthcare worker who died of COVID-19

Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

Station Eight - A woman hold photo of healthcare worker What could abash the little Bird Emily Dickinson Healing God, we repent that we havenot done enough to protect frontlinehealthcare workers. Grant comfort tofamilies grieving the loss of those whohave died as a result of the negligenceof our government’s response to thispandemic. Support and encourage ourfifirst responders as they continue tocare for the sick and dying in the faceof chaos and disease. We ask thesethings in the name of Jesus Christ whois with…

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A nurse rests for a few minutes on a COVID ward in Wuhan, China.

Jesus is Condemned to Death

Station One - Nurse in Wuhan Hope is the thing with feathers - Emily Dickinson God of our weary years,We give thanks for the healthcare workerswho have made immense sacrifices to carefor their patients. Grant comfort to thosecaring for the sick and vulnerable, strengthenthem as they endure long hours, separationfrom their families, and surging case loads.Help us to sustain and fortify those on thefrontlines by remaining vigilant, staying homewhen we can, washing our hands, andwearing masks. Amen.Where have you seen courage in the…

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