Little Pleasures

“A silent mind is all you need.” Eastern MeditationHappiness starts with how we look at ourselves. Feelings are our happiness gauge. How we handle the wide range of our emotional life depends on how we accept and appreciation ourselves and our “body feelings.” Feelings such as fear, anxiety, insecurity, as well as good feelings of pleasure, acceptance, or satisfaction can be the barometers of our being.It is not easy for us to look deeply into ourselves, to try to understand why we react…

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Birthday Reflections

As I write this, I’m celebrating my 29th birthday, enjoying donuts and a latte on my couch. Last year, I celebrated with 25 of my friends, playing games together and all munching on a giant kitchen-island-turned-charcuterie board. COVID-19 has changed so many things, and it has been a year of challenges and struggles, currently feeling pandemic burnout and an ever-present anxiety monster looming.I’ve been reflecting on a specific phrase recently: God of the mountains and of the valleys. I heard it on the…

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Choosing Calm

Trinity is committed to the principles of “year-round stewardship”. At our January meeting, the Stewardship team selected monthly themes for 2021. Some months fell into place quite easily. March would be Stewardship of Our Building, with the annual pre-Easter church Spring Cleaning/Work Day. May would be Stewardship Benefiting People Around the World, coinciding with our ELCA God’s Global Barnyard fundraising campaign. June would be Stewardship of Time and Talents, in preparation for resuming in-person worship in the sanctuary (hopefully) this fall. Our most…

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Now What?

In the past week my heart and my prayers have been all over the map. I've experienced gratitude and wonder, fear and anxiety, relief. But never true peace. Peace eludes me. I have spoken to friends and acquaintances who tell me the same thing. That peace feels out of reach. Our contentious election is over, but in its wake comes the unspoken question, "Now what?" How do we begin to come together as a nation? How do we work together to stop the spread…

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Lessening Anxiety in These Strange Times

“Do not give yourself over to sorrow, and do not distress yourself deliberately. A joyful heart is life itself, and rejoicing lengthen s one’s lifespan. Indulge yourself and take comfort, and remove sorrow far from you, for sorrow has destroyed many and no advantage ever comes from it. Jealously and anger shorten life, and anxiety brings on premature old age.” Sirach 30:21-24 Sirach is one of the books in the Apocrypha. Is anyone else out there a Facebook junkie? Is anyone else out…

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Mortal, Can These Bones Live? Ezekiel 37:1-14

These Bones Shall Live Again

Here’s a God question for you,a question God puts to you:“Mortal,” God calls you, “can these bones live?” I’ve been thinking about the prophet Ezekiel,prophesying to that valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37.And I’ve been thinking about these dry, anxious, fearful timeswe’re living in. We are all anxious right now,whether you feel it or not—because I’m not talking about a feelingbut something more like a state of being.We’ve been threatened by something we can’t see,a virus, a danger we don’t know...

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