Meditation on Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is perhaps one of the most recognizable passages of scripture. It is a passage that millions of people have committed to memory. It is frequently requested as the psalm to be read at funerals. It is so well known that some of its phrases have even found their way into modern advertising; remember the “Fear No Weevil” commercial for systemic insecticide?Please join me in revisiting these familiar words. Allow visual images of these descriptive words to float into your mind and…

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I was not much of a sleuth as a child. I must have been 7 years old before I solved “the mystery of the macaroni and cheese”. Periodically, we were treated to four or five consecutive mac and cheese dinners. It wasn’t until I paired that information with the calendar that I figured it out. It wasn’t about pleasing the children – it was about family economics. Mac and cheese was the best we could afford right before payday. What must have felt…

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Eat It Up (or not)

Author's notes:In growing vegetables for paying customers, one of my biggest concerns is not having enough items to fill the biweekly boxes.  My response to this fear is that the fertility of the soil often produces an abundance that greatly exceeds expectations.  This can lead to another anxiety for CSA members as they receive a heaping box full of fresh food, not quite sure what to do with it all.  It is a very tricky thing to figure out just how much is…

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empty and full cups

Fullness and Emptiness

So many voices…so many perspectives…so many programs…so many to-dos…Just. So. Many.You’d think with as many things as we tend to have going on in our lives, ears, and schedules, that we would be filled by the abundance. Yet, so often, I feel drained and emptied. Maybe it’s the secret introvert in me, but the work of sifting through the noise, crud, and mess of life wears me out.So full, yet so emptying.When I think of Jesus and fullness, my first thought drifts to…

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Good Soil

A dear friend of mine will be consecrated as a Lutheran deaconess this weekend. She has had to wait several months for her service to be rescheduled and it will look very different from her original plans. But we know God is faithful and that God continues to call us regardless of what is going on in the world around us and no matter how long it takes us to make things “official.”One of her texts for the service is the Parable of…

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