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The Show is About to Begin

stage with red curtain
You know what time it is, it is time that you awake out of sleep because salvation is coming near to us…the night is far spent, and the shining day is at hand. Therefore, cast off the works of darkness and prepare yourself to put on the armor of light, prepare yourselves in hope.
(Romans 13: 10-12)

Imagine you are in a seat in a theater, waiting for the show to begin. The houselights go off and the footlights go on, the conductor raises his baton in the orchestra pit. Even the chatty people get quiet as they wait for the curtain to rise. You may hear people around you take in their breath to get ready to exhale as the show begins. You hold your breath in anticipation because you know that something special is about to happen. There is a very exciting moment just as the show is about to begin.

The exciting extraordinary thing that is about to happen is the birth of the Christ Child, coming into the world. As the season of Advent grips us, we hold our breath in hope, we prepare ourselves in hope as the verses from Romans tell us. Advent is that excitement filled
anticipation filled moment just before the curtain rises on the show. Advent is that moment for the coming of salvation to new and eternal life. We can hear the peoples of the earth collectively holding their breath in hope, then exhaling as that hope becomes reality.

Hush, hold your breath, hear the beating of your hope filled heart. This is the moment before the extraordinary happens. Now exhale, the moment of our hope is gloriously fulfilled by the Savior who comes. O come Emmanuel, come to those who wait.


Lord, we wait with excitement and anticipation for you to come. We know you come to us again and again bringing new life. As we continue to wait, fill us with hope during days of darkness and uncertainty. We trust you will light the way through the darkness. O come Emanuel, come to us. Amen.

Picture of Diane McGeoch, Deacon

Diane McGeoch, Deacon

Coordinator, Learning Peace:
A Camp for Kids, Nampa

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