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Lenten Devotions

Congo service
The sanctuary at First Congo during the Lenten season is filled with bare branches that create a haunting space casting long shadows.

Featuring Liturgical Artist Mary Button’s

Stations of the Cross: Pandemic Hope

Lenten Schedule

Mondays and Fridays will continue with devotions from our authors.

Wednesdays will be a post linking to the evening Midweek Lenten Series by TV Cluster congregations Redeemer, Hope, King of Glory, Trinity, and Immanuel Lutheran Churches.

On Ash Wednesday and then each Tuesday and Thursday through the weeks of Lent, we will feature Liturgical Artist Mary Button’s Stations of the Cross: Pandemic Hope. You can learn more about Mary here.  You can learn more about Stations of the Cross here or through your own internet search.

For those who receive devotions by email, please be sure to fully open the post on to view the meditative art.

While Mary Button originally created this series of artworks for 2021, we believe you will find much hope and healing in these meditations for Lent 2022.

Here is what Mary says about this series: “The Stations of the Cross are a series of artworks that bring people along on a journey from Jesus’ condemnation by Pilate to his crucified body being removed from the cross and laid in a tomb. Each of the artworks in Stations of the Cross: Pandemic Hope combines an image of tenderness and mercy in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with a moment in Jesus’ journey through suffering to resurrection.”

Mary continues: “Underneath the station title you will find a stanza from Emily Dickinson’s poem Hope is the thing with Feathers. Dickinson was a deeply compassionate and introspective writer who created beauty out of isolation. The poetry is followed by a prayer for the people featured in the artwork as well as reflection prompts and questions to consider as you write (or record, or journal, etc.) you own personal history of this unprecedented time.” You will find the entire poem Hope is the thing with Feathers here.

In addition to the reflection prompts and questions Mary includes with her artwork and prayer, we will add one additional prompt or question that suggests a local application for the meditation.

If you would like to use any of these images personally or in your congregation, or if you want to explore more of Mary’s artistry and work, please go here to support Mary’s work. Mary’s artworks and meditations are used here supporting her work and with her permission. 

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