Treasure Valley Prays

Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

caring for homeless
A doctor provides care to an unhoused person.

Station Ten – a doctor provides  to unhoused…

I've heard it in the chillest land

Holy Healer, your love follows us to all places.
Make your compassionate presence known to
all people. By the power of your Spirit, protect
our unhoused siblings, and encourage us to
serve them. Fortify and strengthen the
doctors, nurses, and social workers who have
dedicated themselves to the care of the most
vulnerable among us. We ask this in the name
of the one who loves all people. Amen.

Reflect on a time during the pandemic when God’s love followed
you, whether it be in mourning a loss, the experience of isolation,
or anywhere else.

Which neighbor or local relative sent the card, made the phone call, or reached out to you when you felt isolated? Offer a prayer of thanksgiving?

Art by Mary Button – used with permission

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