Treasure Valley Prays

Jesus Dies on the Cross

COVID- 19 patient lies in her bed communicating via video
A Covid-19 patient lies in her intensive care bed as family members attempt to communicate via video.

Station Twelve – A Covid-19 patient attempts to communicate via video. 

Yet - never - in Extremity,

Almighty God, the healing power of your
love binds us one to another, no matter if
our presence is virtual or in person.
Give your angels charge over those at the
boundary of life and life eternal. Comfort
and console the bereaved and mourning.
We ask these things in the merciful power
of your name. Amen.

Describe some of the situations when you have had to celebrate or mourn over the internet or by other virtual means. How did it feel to mark an occasion in this way?

Who has helped you or your community access digital spaces? Who taught you to Zoom? Who is helping stream worship? Send a quick “Thank you”

Art by Mary Button – used with permission

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