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Internalize the Law

The Law

We live in a world where it seems it is accepted to be angry with (and act out this anger) those who do not agree with us. Some protest those who have different standards than their own. Many people are angry with those who vote for the candidate that does not match their own political views. Those who do not believe in God the way we do are criticized. Some only hear the words of those who say unless you are ‘born again’, you are not saved. Some hear the words that if you believe that Jesus is your Lord and Savior, you will be saved, others may not be saved. The conflicts seem to have gotten so much more intense since the corona virus, working together for the benefit of all seems very unlikely.

Today, the congress and the administration are in negotiations about the latest bill to help those in need since the virus has exploded in our world. Even though several million families are losing needed funds to make it from day to day, both sides are blaming the other so that no help is on the way.

Throughout the Bible, the Word shows us the way to love our neighbor and to help them in times of need. Yet, we seem to not hear those words. It makes us stretch our own existence. We worry how we are going to survive in these times and yet help our neighbor!

Loving our neighbor seems to take second place in our world today. We are trained to be our own person. Make our own way in life. Build our wealth even if it is on the backs of others! We seem to support individual liberties and individual posterity and not so much on community health and wealth.

Many countries must rely on their neighbors for survival. Many of our ancestors who homesteaded in America came as community to share what they had and help each other farm the land. In many areas today, community survival programs such as food pantries and housing projects for the homeless are working to help neighbors who are in need.

Our Christianity is based on following Jesus who was the true helper and lover of others. When we use him as our example to live, we do share what we have. We do try to love our neighbor no matter what their religion, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental disabilities, and so on. We teach our children in this way by example believing that they too will love their neighbor as Jesus loved us.

Let us pray...

O Lord, we continue to teach our children that to maintain personal comfort we should not ignore the needs of others. Help us internalize that given law of Jesus; ‘love your neighbor’ and not ignore those who are vulnerable. Help us to learn from you and know you have given us abundance of love even in these times. Your love conquers all our pains and when we share your abundant love, the pains of our neighbors. Amen.

Picture of Paul Malek

Paul Malek

ELCA Pastor
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Ontario, Oregon

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