Treasure Valley Prays

Good Friday Worship – Region 1 ELCA

We welcome you to this Good Friday service, shared with you by the bishops of Region 1 of the ELCA. You are encouraged to find a comfortable place to sit, light a candle, warm oil or burn incense. Because this service is pre-recorded, you are welcome to participate as much or as little as you choose. It is our prayer that this time set aside on this holiest of days will remind you not just the price paid for our redemption, but the vastness of the love that was willing to accept that cost. Gather, knowing that others from all over our region gather with you to wait, watch, and pray.

Bishops of Region 1
1A: Bishop Shelley Wickstrom, Alaska Synod
1B: Bishop Shelley Bryan Wee, Northwest Washington Synod
1C: Bishop Rick Jaech, Southwest Washington Synod
1D: Bishop Kristen Kuempel, Northwest Intermountain Synod
1E: Bishop Laurie Larson Caesar, Oregon Synod
1F: Bishop Laurie Jungling, Montana Synod

Musicians for this Service
Rev. Jason Asselstine, Assistant to the Bishop for the Montana Synod

All songs are public Domain.

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