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God of Surprises

rainbow in the Grand Canyon
Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”
(Genesis 9:16)

Whenever I see a rainbow, it takes my breath away. In the Treasure Valley we are often blessed with double rainbows after those evening summer storms that flare up out of nowhere. Now, we understand the “science” behind the light refracting through the water droplets left in the atmosphere that causes this beautiful phenomenon. Understanding “how” it happens does not take away from the incredible beauty and unexpected delight every time we see that arch.

Our sunrises and sunsets here are also spectacular. When the smoke from nearby forest fires fills the Valley, the sun sets in blood orange glory. Even though our air quality is bad, the resulting beauty is a pleasant surprise.

Our God is a God of surprises. No matter how we try to explain the majesty of His creation, we cannot explain our spiritual reaction when we see a rainbow, a sunset or a flower that has managed to grow out of a crack in a rock or cement. We cannot explain the sudden quieting of our spirit when we are gazing at mountains or sitting quietly by a bubbling stream. We are overcome with the insignificance of self and the total awe when gazing at the stars or walking along the beach next to an endless expanse of ocean.

How has God surprised you today? It may not have been a spectacular sunrise or rainbow. It may have been that your first sip of coffee tasted particularly good or you felt the love from the dog in your lap. Maybe your shower was unusually refreshing or someone you haven’t heard from for a long time reached out to you.

Keep your senses ready! God plans to surprise you today!

Let us pray...

God of Creation and Surprises,
Help us to look up from our cares and worries and be open to the beauty around us. Help us to see you in the people you have put in our lives. Remind us that the hidden blessings in the storms are evidence thatyYou are with us no matter what.
In Jesus Holy Name, we pray. Amen

Kathi King

Kathi King

Member and Office Manager of Hope Lutheran Church, Eagle

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  1. Pamela Johnson

    So true. Nature talks to me and I know God is with me.

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