Treasure Valley Prays

Change in Weekly Format

Fall forest with sun

Beginning Tomorrow, September 1 will continue the 3-day a week schedule we have been following since the beginning of summer—with postings coming Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Monday and Friday will continue the Devotions as we have been creating them since the pandemic began in March 2020.

Wednesday will be another kind of written and/or video creation we are calling a Reflection.  On this day we will post a piece in which the author may explore more freely such topics/areas as the future of the church or the intersection of faith and civic engagement, offer a personal reflection on popular buzzwords related to faith and religion, share local ministries and ways to serve through congregations or community groups, or seek to inspire deeper connection with other churches in the Treasure Valley Cluster or in our local communities. The span of topics for these creations will likely grow over time as many persons share their Reflections.

We will soon have Resource Page available for all the many shared ministries of our Treasure Valley congregations and associates.

We hope you find these Reflections, Devotions, and Resources to be the catalysts to live and explore your life with God and as a follower of Jesus more fully and more deeply.

Thank you for your participation and comments in

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