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A Gift of Being a Vessel

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Jesus said to the servants, “Fill the jars with water,” so they filled them to the brim. Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master at the banquet.” They did so, and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine.
(John 2:7-9a)

We often read these verses and focus on the wine, the transformation and end product in this story. For the first time this summer, thanks to a devotional book we bought for all our staff, I was challenged to focus on the jar, the transformation happening within the jar, and perhaps me as I served this summer. Simple moments that became profound once I had a chance to reflect and acknowledge God’s presence in the chaos or emergency situation, in the laughter of a staff member and the collective “ohhhh” as S’mores were pulled out. Focusing on the jar in this story allows us to realize that maybe, with the power of God, what is poured out of us can be transformational in this world. Maybe, just maybe, our life is about not only the transformation that happens inside of us because of God’s presence but also the powerful experiences created because we have the courage to allow God to use us as a vessel, and together what is poured out is sacred. Each summer season has a way of shaping individuals, whether it be the summer campers, retreat guests, volunteers, and even me as the director. God’s presence shows up in unique ways daily. This season for me, seemed to be about being a vessel, thanks to a fresh perspective on familiar Bible verses. Similar to the jar servants filled with water in these verses, working at camp this season, many of us carried nourishing water, experiences that facilitated a deeper connection with God thanks to the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, often times in the busyness of life we lose sight of how God is calling us forth to share love, how our Creator intentionally places us in a situation or with a group of people to be a voice of truth, love, grace, joy, and justice.
  • This season at camp we struggled to find enough young adults to serve the entire season with us. We thankfully were able to find several people willing to serve with us for a week or two. I was reminded that God was using this as a blessing when a parent of a high school camper, now placed in a staff role for a week, shared how excited her son was as he viewed the Bible study ahead of time and looked at some of the staff training resources we sent ahead of time. Despite my stress putting the staffing puzzle together, God used me and camp as a vessel, simply carrying the Good News found in Christ to the next generation.
  • We hosted three events celebrating Luther Height’s 70 years of ministry all across the state. I listened with curiosity and joy as many stories were shared about experiences on the mountaintop, moments at Luther Heights which drew people into feeling the presence of God, created lifelong friendships, and helped people appreciate the beauty of creation; a special and holy place that helped people connect to what they most valued. God has blessed this ministry as a vessel, sharing the living water with many over the years.
  • Labor Day weekend, we were evacuated from the Ross Fork Fire. When the staff was let back in for the first time, we noticed markings all over our map at the entrance from the hard-working fire crews. We saw buildings labeled and plans with what team was doing what to protect the structures of our property for years to come. God using a map as a vessel with a greater purpose than we ever imagined.
  • The beauty of hearing a high school camper share her experience at camp gave her motivation to help make space for God in her daily life as she realized this would help all areas of her life. The blessing of a vessel being a campfire and time to reflect upon a two-week experience with other young adult leaders also curious about faith.
  • The vessel of food shared daily around tables where camper and staff connect on daily events, jokes, Bible verses, and shared adventures.
I challenge you to slow down for a few minutes today to reflect on how God is calling you to be a vessel to others. What vessels have been placed in your life to help you connect with our Creator, who calls you beloved?

Let us pray...

We thank you God of hope and wonder for the vessels you have placed in our lives to draw us closer to you. We thank for wild places, like Luther Heights, that draw us closer to Your creation and You. Transforming God, thank you for making me a vessel, help me pour out the love and grace needed in this world. Amen

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Kelly Preboski

Executive Director
Luther Heights Bible Camp

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